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To receive the Polar Regions Certificate, a member must make contact with at least one radio operators located within the Arctic and Antarctic Circles.  There are several countries which have territories and cities above the Arctic Circle.  Antarctica is the 140 Division and includes several populated Islands, as well as, the main land.  Check your logs and Google a map of the Polar Regions, you may have spoken to operators located above the Arctic Circle, but have them listed by their normal country code.

To receive the 7-Continents Certificate, you must reach at least one operator from each of the 7-Continents.  Remember, the world is divided up by major land masses that include countries and Islands.  So, you may not have talked to Australia, but you reached Kiribati, Fiji or a dozen other Islands that come under the continent of Australia/Oceana.   Again, do your Google homework and let us know.

In both cases, you must provide proof of achievement.  That means QSL Cards or email verification from the operator you spoke to.  See the Club website for more info.


During the month of October, all Alpha Uniform members living on the Continent of Europe will be asked to turn on their radios to the Alpha Uniform Club Frequency of 27.435 LSB at their local time of 9am (0900 hours); 2pm (1400 hours) and 6pm (1800 hours).  There is no need to coordinate a single time because Europe has 5 main time zones and if each country turns on their radio at their own local time, as stated above, and broadcasts for one hour only there will be a 4-hour span of time covered for Alpha Uniform radio operators from around the world to reach Europe.

For AU members around the world, you simply have to google the question: What time is it in Europe?  The answer will tell you what time it is in these countries, so you can make you own calculations as to when you need to be on the radio to reach these countries.

If you are not good in math or calculations, like me, you understand why this is called a Challenge!

Here is a sample:  A radio operator on the east coast of the United States google: What time is it in Europe?  The chart comes up and he sees that at 5:30pm EDT (1730 hours) it is 11:30pm (2330 hours) in Germany.  Simple calculation is that Germany is six hours ahead.  Therefore, to reach Germany at 2pm (1400hrs) the radio operator on the east coast of the United States must call out at: 8am (0800).

Now, given the fact that Europe has 5 main time zones, and if operators in Europe come on their radios at the times list above, radio operators in Europe will span a 15-hour period.  This gives Alpha Uniform Radio operators from around the world a 15-hour window of opportunity to make contact with AU operators in Europe.

The main objective of this event is for AU radio operators, on six other continents, an opportunity to make DX contact with European operators.


CQ, CQ, CQ DX-- Alpha Uniform members calling Europe!


The South American Challenge is coming up the first weekend in January and will include three days of possible DX contacts.  The Challenge will be for three days giving all our members around the world in 2-different time zones an opportunity to make great contacts with South American radio operators.  For our purposes, the Challenge begins on Friday, 3 January 2014 and ends on Sunday night, 5 January YOUR local time.


There is also another change we are making for this Challenge.  When you are calling out to South American radio operators, you are looking to reach any operator you can, not just Alpha Uniform members.  Also, you may call out on any frequency you prefer. 


The South American Challenge is based upon reaching radio operators in the countries that compose of the geographic Continent of South America.  Those countries are: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, and Uruguay.


Alpha Uniform South American Challenge

3 January thru 5 January 2014




Keep in mind, Central America; the Caribbean, Mexico and Canada are all part of the North American Continent.


Please log your contacts and forward them to the club upon completion.  Remember, for our purposes, the Challenge begins on Friday, 3 January and ends on Sunday night, 5 January YOUR local time.

Good Luck best 73’s






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Please look through the awards program and if you are eligible for an award contact Walter

Your Award will be sent by Email, AU Awards are a electronic based program. Thank you!

AU Santa Claus Contest Award

This Award certificate is Made and presented (by email) from Dave 001 after each years Christmas event, this event is managed by 2 AU 333 Steve and all contestants are required to send the logs to Steve for final declaration and tally results.

To contact our Santa Claus Contest Manager please email Steve Directly here.

 Alpha Uniform wishes you good DX and good luck in this contest, ho ho ho and have some festive fun!


AU Santa Claus Contest Award Certificate

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